NEWS… Who’s Doing What in the You Knew My Name: The Bond Not Bond Blogathon


Who or what bloggers are tributing in the You Knew My Name: The Bond Not Bond Blogathon…


That all-important list of reviewers and their intended reviews, starring those actors who played Bond, James Bond but as someone completely different.



These are the choices so far for the You Knew My Name: The Bond Not Bond Blogathon with my lovely co-host Gabriela of Pale Writer. And CLICK HERE to go to the Blogathon page…

And here’s the list of who is doing what so far… with * meaning the post choice has reached the max amount of duplicates.


Pierce Brosnan

Hamlette’s Soliloquy…  The Thomas Crown Affair (1999) (x2 reviews)

Taking Up Room… The Love Punch (2013) 

Husky Galore…  Remington Steele (1982-87), Steele Eligible S2 EP12 

The Very Special Blog… Remington Steele (1982-87), Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele, Christmas episode

Whimsically Classic… Mrs Doubtfire (1993) 

John Rieber…  The Matador (2005) 


Sean Connery

Phyllis Loves her Classic Movies…  Another Time, Another Place (1958) 

Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies… The Russia House (1990) and The Presidio (1988) (x2 reviews)

The Craggus… The Hunt For Red October (1990) (x2 reviews)

Diary of A Movie Maniac… Zardoz (1974) 

The Classic Movie Muse… Woman of Straw (1964)

Silver Screen Classics… The Hill (1965)

Critica Retro… Robin and Marian (1976) 

Journeys in Classic Film… Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959)

Outspoken and Freckled… Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

Classics and Craziness…  Dragonheart (1996)


Daniel Craig

Hamlette’s Soliloquy…  Defiance (2008) (x2 reviews)

The Stop Button… Hotel Splendide (2000) 

Let’s Go to the Movies… Daniel Craig Biography

Make Mine Film Noir… Road to Perdition (2002) 

Thoughts All Sorts… The Mother (2003) and Layer Cake (2004)


Timothy Dalton

Realweegiemidget Reviews…  The Beautician and the Beast (1997) (x2 reviews)

Pale Writer… Jane Eyre (1983), Florence Nightingale (1985) and Charlies Angels Fallen Angel Se4 Ep6 (1979) (x3 reviews)

Fletch Talks…  The Rocketeer (1991) with Timothy Dalton

Angelman’s Place… Hot Fuzz (2007) *

Not Perfected Yet… Hot Fuzz (2007) *

Multiplat Mike… Flash Gordon (1980) *

Diary of A Movie Maniac… Flash Gordon (1980) * (x2 reviews)

 The Midnite Drive-In … Sextette (1977)


George Lazenby

Realweegiemidget Reviews… Never too Young to Die  (1986) (x2 reviews)

Booksteve’s Library… The Man from Hong Kong (1975) 

The Oak Drive In… Who Saw Her Die? (1972)


Roger Moore

The Craggus… The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970) 

Films From Beyond the Time Barrier… The Man Who Wouldn’t Die (1995) 

Dubsism… The Wild Geese (1978)

Caftan Woman… The Persuaders (1971-72) Greensleeves 

Film Authority… The Naked Face (1984) 

18 Cinema Lane… Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)




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