BLOGATHON… Welcome to the Robin Williams Blogathon!


Crystal and I cordially invite you to join us for our wee celebration of Robin Williams…


It’s Robin Williams’ Day 1 and there are posts, posts, posts!



30 days ago Crystal – from In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood – and I announced our Robin Williams blogathon to the world. Asking you and entertainment bloggers to send us your reviews of all things Robin Williams, be it a film, TV or a biographical post.

Despite the short time till the big day, a lovely 15 bloggers wrote to us with their topics on  25 of his performances in film and TV to join the fun. Remember there are still two days to go so if you are reading this and keen to join. You can join even have written a review in the past or just added one on this talented actor.

Just pop me a wee message with a link to your post, and I’ll add it to the list. But DO remember to check out the rules first and grab one of Crystal’s banners… with a link to these in the important Blogathon Announcement post here. And check out the list here to read what reviews will be joining us and who’s doing what…

So today, as the blogathon kicks off, we’ve some lovely bloggers joining us… so click on the film title in italics to read the review… and look out for all these great entries that will be shared on my Facebook and Twitter pages with the bloggers handle (where possible), so you can follow their blogs there too!

And finally, as it’s the opening day, you readers get the benefit of two posts on Realweegiemidget Reviews, with my post on Robin Williams in Awakenings out now…


Here’s my review at Realweegiemidget Reviews with Robin in Awakenings (1990)…


Maddylovesherclassicfilms aka Maddy tributes Robin in his role in Dead Poets Society (1989).


Rebecca from Taking Up Room writes about Robin’s role in Good Morning Vietnam (1987)…


Vinnieh adds his animated review on Robin Williams in the animated classic, Aladdin (1992)…


And a video entry concludes today’s list (so far) from Darren at Movie Reviews 101 who shares his Top 5 Favourite Robin Williams Roles


Tune in for Day 2 tomorrow.. with the final day on Wednesday!

Love your thoughts... but only if they are spoiler free!

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