BLOGATHON… Announcing the Regaling About Richard Burton Blogathon


Come and join my blogathon I’m holding in honour of Richard Burton…


Come and celebrate one of the world’s most famous Welshmen.


Richard Burton Ten Best Movies [TOP 10] Richard Burton Films, Puerto Vallarta Mexico


As many of you may know – if you’ve been paying attention to my blog – I’m a wee Scottish expat living in Finland (to be with my true love, if you’re really interested in the why). Also that I sometimes get a wee bit homesick.. mostly for those accents back home, as you do!

In a bid to help me get cured of my homesickness for good old Great Britain, I’m asking for your reviews of an actor with an iconic presence and voice, the lovely Richard Burton. You can join this blogathon by reviewing his movies, TV, theatre work or your posts on his life. It’s up to you how you want to tribute him. You can join with a video or a podcast if that’s your thing…

Why Burton you cry? Burton is just one of those wonderful Brits who have a wide and varied career, be it on the big and wee screen, on the stage and on Broadway and beyond. He’s done everything and anything.

Burton’s films include the historical ones to Shakespeare adaptations, with these including Anne of a Thousand Days (1969). His Broadway musicals include Camelot and dramas such as The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965) and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966). He has also done horror movies… such as The Medusa Touch (1978). There are so many more genres to explore with this talented actor…

Burton also has a fascinating life story behind the camera. He was married (twice) to wonderful actress Elizabeth Taylor (and if you choose to review them as a couple I ask you to respect both of these talents in your post).

I’m inviting you all officially to my final blogathon this year (as a hostess), and the Regaling About Richard Burton Blogathon. All I ask is that you send me a post on the man himself for this new blogathon between the 3rd and 5th of December…

CLICK HERE to a link to his Wikipedia page… and HERE for his Imdb page for ideas in his film and TV appearances

HERE is a link to that Who’s Doing What page.. where I will list all the bloggers and their entries.

Or just tune in and enjoy the blogathon as it happens…


The all important rules…

I’d love you lovely lot of bloggers to join me….or anyone else who wants to celebrate Richard Burton.

  1. You can review ANY of his films, theatre or TV appearances.
  2. I will allow just the three duplicates for each topic, movie or TV Show.
  3. Review choices can be added as a comment on this page or you can contact me on my Contact Me page  – either way please add the name and URL of your blog along with your movie or TV choice. Or you can send me a Direct Message on Twitter.
  4. I won’t accept posts that are uncomplimentary or disrespectful to Richard Burton, his life or his work.
  5. Add your Twitter handle so I can promote your post online.
  6. You can only use new posts or new reviews.
  7. You can also add podcasts on him or his work but only if you send me the podcast link by my Contact Me page.
  8. A full list of blogs, podcasters and review choices will be posted on a separate page and updated regularly.
  9. Send your link to your post / podcast / video to me on the days of the blogathon.
  10.  Have fun

My choice is…

Anne of the Thousand Days (1969)


Now send me your request and once I’ve oked it, please do add one of the banners below on your blog and your post…





Hope to hear from you soon…

78 thoughts on “BLOGATHON… Announcing the Regaling About Richard Burton Blogathon

  1. It’s been many many many many years since I watched “The Robe”. (I won’t say how long, but I was a kid…) Don’t remember much except the iconic (to me) ending. Fortunately the library has it so i can sign on if that’s copacetic.

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  2. Hi, Gill! I’d like to write about one of his more obscure movies, Lovespell, which I was delighted to find out is available on Amazon Prime. I thought for sure this was one of those movies that is only available on old VHS cassettes, if you can find one!

    Co-star Kate Mulgrew wrote about the experience working of with Burton in her autobiography, so there’s some good background to it, too.

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  3. Hi, thanks for inviting me to join this! If it’s okay I’ll write about The Rains of Ranchipur (1955). I haven’t seen many of Burton’s pre-60s work, and I can never resist watching a Lana Turner movie I haven’t seen!

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  4. Am currently feeling as sick as Philip Ashley. In other words, I’d like to work on the beautiful cinematic adaptation of Du Maurier’s Gothic novel, ‘My Cousin Rachel’ (1952)
    Richard Burton was truly a very versatile actor.

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  5. Hi Gill. I’m just letting you know that my article will be late. I’ve been extremely busy this week with course assignments, which are all due this week, so I haven’t even had a chance to start on my article yet. I still want to participate, but I’m seriously not going to have to time to write about Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor like I initially anticipated. That sort of article would need my full attention, and I wouldn’t be able to give it the treatment it deserves. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to choose another topic, though I don’t know what to write about yet. Have you got any suggestions?

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