BLOGATHON… Welcome to Day 1 of the Home Sweet Home Blogathon


The first but certainly not the last of those blogathon entries…


Keep tuning in for these entries over the next few days on family and all things close to home.



Welcome to my first joint blogathon of 2021, and have Taking Up Room and I got a treat from you. Over the next few days, we are expecting over 35 entries for this blogathon. It feels like every decade is covered with genres including rom-com, drama and horror.

There is still time to enter the fun, but please get a confirmation from my co-host and me first if you want to join (all the rules and banners are HERE) and check my Who’s Doing What page (HERE) as we are not allowing duplicates.

You can enter with a maximum of two entries and your post will be seen here and on Rebecca’s post.. bear in mind your entry may appear on two days as she’s 10 hours behind my time zone. Also, my bedtime is at 10pm (Finnish time) at night so any posts published later than this will appear on my post the next day. Do expect a comment from me, but please check your spam if it doesn’t show.

So now that the housekeeping has been taken care of, let’s go to the movies (and TV)… so click on these blue links to get to the post


First off is my entry here at Realweegiemidget Reviews with Heartburn (1986)…


Ernie from Until the Lights Go Up tells about Summer Wars (2009)…


Rich from Widescreen World shares his view on Winchester (2018)…


Chris from Angelman’s Place adds his review on Since You Went Away (1944)…


John from Tales From the Freakboy Zone adds his post about Parents (1989)…


Carol at The Old Hollywood Garden writes about 1954’s La Strada



And keep tuning in as I’m adding posts as I get them…

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