MORE… Dundee – The Son of a Legend Returns Home (2018)



Danny McBride goes down under as the son of Mick Dundee…


An all-star Aussie cast in that Crocodile Dundee movie, we all wanted but probably wasn’t even conceived back then.


DUNDEE Official Extended Trailer (2018) Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman Comedy Movie HD, Rapid Trailer and photos Ⓒ Tourism Australia


Tourism Australia: Dundee – The Son of a Legend Returns Home (2018) is the long, long-awaited first review of those All Star Adverts posts.  It’s one that fooled me and most of us, entertainment bloggers – well some of us – into believing this was a trailer for an upcoming film. This trailer starring Aussie’s finest acting, sport and singing talent with Danny McBride (representing the good old US of A).

This an advert and sadly not a Chris Hemsworth / McBride bromantic comedy film collaboration. McBride plays a kind of character similar to his Thaddeus from Your Highness (2011) film, ie all bluster and boorishness as Brian Dundee, son of Mick “Crocodile” Dundee.

This all of course not making sense to those of a certain age… So just to explain, Crocodile Dundee (1986) was a 1980s film. The film told of an Australian man living in the outback, Mick Dundee and played by Paul Hogan in the first of three films. For some reason, I never watched the other two.. and until now had never heard of the last one.

In the first of this series, Sue Charlton (Linda Kozlowski), an American journalist visits Mick Dundee in the Australian Outback. This for an exclusive story about the man and his life as a crocodile poacher. At first, she’s the fish out of water, cue much laughter. Then their roles reverse when Mick comes to New York. And of course true love blossoms.

For me, this film was only memorable for one scene. This when the pair are confronted by muggers in New York. On those men brandishing a knife in Mick’s face have him reply “No, that’s a knife”. As Mick brandishes a huge fuck-off sized knife. This scene was seen in the trailer so you can miss seeing the film altogether as really it’s the only funny scene.

To explain more, for those who don’t even want to watch the trailer. Here is a more recent possible movie example – and carrying on the Hemsworth theme – it’s like someone producing a small shop sized Hammer to Thor. With Thor producing that hammer and Thor quipping “No! that’s a hammer”. Need I say more.

Sadly on watching the film back then, to me back in the day, the rest of the film was to me pretty dire so I didn’t see the sequel. But to be fair I only watched films with Andrew McCarthy in any role back then. This from his debut in Class (1983) and all his films after that up to and including Weekend at Bernie’s (1989). Now I’m making up for lost time, thanks to Darlin Husband and his love of 80s film.

The “trailer” stars McBride, as an American square peg in a round hole type character in Australia. His name, Brian Dundee. He is initially seen in silhouette with a huge knife. Cue lots of pretty shots of Australia. But then we meet him properly as an American abroad when he’s met by the lovely Chris Hemsworth (sigh).

Brian causing what looks like an international incident as he gets lost in the Outback (with that knife). Starring everyone from Margot Robbie to Skippy, and Isla Fisher to Hugh Jackman (as the Australian President) and Russell Crowe (a New Zealander who spent most of his life in Australia).  So there’s Aussie eye candy for all and one of the Hemsworth band of brothers.

For fans of that always sunny and cheerful, Aussie soap Neighbours (1985-), as I was until I left for Scotland for Finland. I noted you can make this a spot the Neighbours actor / actress drinking game. This soap also of course partly responsible for certain phrases joining my vocabulary as a mid to late teen. eg fair dinkum (far out), ripper (good) and pash (passionate kiss). I also had crushes on actors from the soap including Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), Clive (Geoff Paine) and Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) to name just two.

However, ending on a Realweegiemidget random note… had Chris Hemsworth’s sign asking for Dundee been instead a wee request to hitch a lift to that Scottish town where I once lived. I’d fly home in the time it takes Thor to pick up his hammer for a hopeful pash with that ripper bloke.

Please note this review is for fun and I am not personally endorsing or receiving money for writing about this product.





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