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An Undercover FBI Keanu Wants to be a Surfer Man…


A newbie, undercover FBI agent hopes to assist in the arrest of the bank robbing, Ex-Presidents team. For this, he goes undercover and becomes a surfer.


Point Break Trailer (1991) New Version (2015) HQ


In this, the first of the 2 Reel Quirky Cats (2RQC) reviews, Thoughts All Sorts and I picked the guiltiest of my guilty pleasures, Point Break (1991). I saw the whole of this 1990s film at Christmas as my Darlin’ Husband insisted I watch it, as there was crap on the telly and he often educates me into some more random movies. The plot is verging on the brink of ridiculous, but ignore that because this film is fun even if the plot is crazy.


About the plot…

New boy on the job FBI agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves) meets and bonds with police partner mentor Angelo Pappas played hammed up to the hilt by Gary Busey. Utah then goes undercover to help arrest the Ex-Presidents, a masked and notorious bank robbing team dressed as ex-Presidents of the United States.

It is believed these culprits are led by charismatic Bodhi played by a blond highlighted Patrick Swayze, a surfer dude. However do to catch this elusive gang, Utah must go undercover in Bodhi’s group. However whilst undercover Utah falls in love with a surfer gal, Tyler (Lori Petty) who does not know his true vocation.


About the trailer…

Looking at the trailer as either a manly man or a girly girl, I wouldn’t be disappointed. This film would hold interest for anyone. There are guns, more guns and fights, there’s romance and there’s plenty of bromances too.

The trailer starts with what appears to be Swayze in silhouette as his surfboard riding the waves and Swayze’s narration as Bodhi talking about deep and meaningful stuff about owning the wave. And we believe him, as Swayze practically owned the dance floor in Dirty Dancing (1987). But in this movie, the trailer indicates Bodhi has a dark side. He’s the head honcho of the Ex-Presidents, some bank robbing dudes.

We also meet Johnny Utah, an FBI agent (for those of you who missed that in the trailer) and the Jedi-Master to his Padawan, Angelo Pappas (played over-the-top-convincingly by Busey). Almost inevitably, once undercover Utah falls in love with a surfer gal – cue trailer montage which is slightly longer in the film). Then there are more shots for the boys of manly man fights and guns.

Then Pappas is doing his best impression of that sofa Tom Cruise moment on Oprah. With Pappas having apparently jumped on a desk and taking a position to explain what surfing is to the masses. Just in case you didn’t understand it from numerous references in the trailer. Surely an ironing board would have been safer to demonstrate such a move but then it is Gary Busey. And in the script.

There’s more guess who it is silhouette moments and some sky diving. And it is such a fun movie even after the trailer alone. And like the Highlander (1986) fans,  you will also feel that there should only be one. And the Point Break (2015) reboot is nothing more than a pointless remake. 


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