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Reuniting with a one time fellow Quirky Cat for a tag for Valentine’s Day and beyond…


Inviting you to join a tag as endorsed by those Reel Infatuation ladies to discover those characters you love.



When it comes to lovely actors, the lovely Cat from Thoughts All Sorts and I have had many a discussion about those hot members of the acting profession in our comments sections. Then a few years ago, we decided to do a tag to celebrate this… and so we created this with, the Five Flaming Hotties. This tag was a surprising worldwide success with anyone and everyone waxing lyrical about those actors and actresses they adore.

We then discussed reviving this tag again recently and this is the point where these two ladies come in… Ruth from Silver Screenings and Maedez at A Small Press Life. As we’ve borrowed their much-loved Reel Infatuation Blogathon premise for one year only where you write about those film and TV characters who make us swoon –  and reinvented it as a tag with a twist…

The twist is you have to nominate not one but five hot characters that you adore and only add 5 reasons why in five sentences…  (and I suspect this is because I gittered too much last time).  


The rules (which you who are tagged can cut and paste)…

  1. You must add the name of the blog that tagged you AND those of the Thoughts All Sorts and Realweegiemidget Reviews with links to ALL these sites.. and use the natty cat themed picture promoting this post. This picture is found later in this post… 
  2. List 5 of your all-time swoon-worthy characters from TV or Film ie crushes/objects of your affection. And also do mention the actor or actress who plays them, as you might like James Bond as played by Timothy Dalton and no one else.. etc etc
  3. Link to 10 other bloggers.
  4. Add lovely pictures, gifs or videos of those you selected.
  5. If you don’t have a blog (or don’t have time to write a post) join in with your choices on Twitter with this #5TheFlamingHot5ReasonsWhy Tag and tag @realweegiemidge and @Thoughtsallsort  and the person who tagged you in your tweet.
  6. Oh…and post these rules.


And onto my fabulous fictional five…


Joe Gideon (Roy Scheider) in All that Jazz (1979)…

ALL THAT JAZZ – Trailer – (1979) HQ, ryy79

Hottie’s Story…

This film has Gideon – loosely based on Bob Fosse –  reflect on his life with the Angel of Death in this all-singing, all-dancing musical where I added HERE;

The film was based on a time in Fosse’s life when he was not only juggling editing a movie and putting the musical Chicago on stage but also had serious health issues.


5 Reasons Why…

  1. The song, On Broadway for this film musical had me captivated and not just because of the spectacle of all those amazing dancers and that catchy song… as Gideon got my attention right away.
  2. Gideon really got to me with his visual presence and you could call it the cigarette, goatee beard and twinkly eyes combination.
  3. Because of Gideon and the casting of Ann Reinking (who I adored in Annie (1982)) as reviewed HERE as Gideon’s on-screen girlfriend) and the presence of a favourite actress Jessica Lange (as the Angel of Death) in this film, I am doing a lengthier review this year so I can study him and his character in more depth.
  4. Gideon exudes charisma, charm and omg the ompf (ie really sexy) factor from the trailer alone.
  5. Only Roy Scheider could make this character, this sexy.. especially his dancing etc and is perfect casting compared to others considered for the role who I can’t imagine pulling this character off. These include Alan Alda, Gene Hackman, Warren Beatty, Jon Voight and Jack Nicholson…


Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) in the British Life on Mars (2006-08)  and Ashes to Ashes (2008-10)…

Gene Hunt Destroys The Blue Peter Garden – Ashes to Ashes – Series 3 Episode 4 Preview – BBC One, BBC 

Hottie’s Story… 

In the former we meet this UNPC, PC when…

Police Officer Sam Tyler finds himself in 1973, is he unwell or has he travelled back in time?

and then in the sequel when…

Police psychologist Alex Drake returns to the 1980s.


5 Reasons Why…

  1. Hunt’s sexy Manchester accent makes him the only Mancunian candidate, his on-screen accent is a total contrast to the actor who plays him. Glenister’s real-life soft Cockney accent is more like Michael Caine in the early years before Caine got Shouty.
  2. Hunt makes me smile and laugh with those Realweegiemidget favourite 80s pop culture references be it his and the cast’s take on Billy Joel’s video for Uptown Girl or this series nod to the real-life Children’s TV mystery of a never solved whodunnit relating to the Blue Peter (1958-) Garden vandalism.
  3. Hunt’s British character has inspired a similar character in their versions of the Life on Mars plot in Russia, America and Spain.
  4. Hunt has lovely offhand humour, and he’s weirdly non-offensive when he’s offensive and is very much a man of his time.
  5. Hunt looks good in a tuxedo or a Columbo style trenchcoat.


Dorian Gray (Helmut Berger) as Dorian Gray / The Secret of Dorian Gray (1970)…


Hottie’s Story…

A handsome Helmut Berger stars as the man who traded this soul to never age, while his painting showed his corrupt lifestyle.


5 Reasons Why…

  1. He’s played by my current Number 1 celebrity crush, Helmut Berger.
  2. Dorian Gray looks good in his trendy sixties and seventies fashions (and also out of them see the wee blue shorts scene from this film).
  3. He likes saunas… in another scene to look out for.
  4. As Dorian, Helmut has a sexy voice even when he’s dubbed.
  5.  If they remade this with Helmut dubbing over the dubbed English version I know at least 4 or 5 other bloggers who would love to buy it… so Helmut do it now…!


John Seaton (Christopher Plummer) in International Velvet (1978)…

International Velvet (1978) Official Trailer – Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Plummer Horse Movie HD, Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers.

Hottie’s Story… 

In this stand alone sequel to National Velvet (1944), John Seaton is the live-in boyfriend of Velvet Brown, who is suddenly thrust into helping bring up her orphaned horse-mad niece Sarah in this coming of age movie…


5 Reasons Why…

  1. He’s a lovely guy throughout this movie… be it supporting Velvet or Sarah and providing his insights and humour when these feisty women clash.
  2. He is always non-patronising and has a lovely gentle rapport with these women.
  3. His French accent and chat-up lines – as seen in the above scene when this author writes a trashy romance to provide the money for Sarah’s horsy career –  may be inappropriate for a coming of age movie, but it went over my head then and now I know it’s definitely aimed at the adults in the room.
  4.  He’s played by Christopher Plummer who proved he was still hot without a whistle (see The Sound of Music).
  5.  As Seaton, Plummer knows just how to deliver a final line in the movie for maximum effect, and gets you sobbing with delight every time… (not saying why – just watch it for yourself)


Stu Dunmeyer (Pierce Brosnan) in Mrs Doubtfire (1993)

Mrs Doubtfire Pool Scene Funny, MrEvo27

Hottie’s Story… 

Robin Williams plays the man-child Daniel who is divorcing Miranda (Sally Field) after what was the final straw in their marriage after one of their three kids’ birthday parties ends in chaos. He’s determined to see his kids so he dons a frock, heavy make-up and a Scottish accent and becomes a cherished housekeeper, Mrs Doubtfire in his ex-wife’s home. Then his wife starts dating, enter her new guy, the charming, inoffensive and charismatic Stu (Pierce Brosnan)…


5 Reasons Why…

  1. I always thought it was bloody unfair of Robin Williams’ character Daniel – aka Mrs Doubtfire – to be so nasty to Stu from as soon as he met him, when all Stu did was fall for his on-screen ex-wife. 
  2. Stu is funny, caring and has a great rapport with all the kids and lovely on-screen romantic chemistry with Miranda.
  3. We needed an extra after credits scene for Stu’s benefit where Stu marries Miranda and Daniel is the Best Man at their wedding –  and this would benefit Robin Williams’ character too as he would be able to do a stand up funny scene and he wouldn’t look like a meanie. Instead of looking like a totally immature prick.
  4. Pierce Brosnan plays him. Nuff said.
  5. That Irish accent… I am always a sucker for an accent see Gene Hunt, John Seaton and Helmut Berger (if you visualise him dubbing Dorian Gray as he speaks like this…)


And I am nominating…

  1. Ruth from Silver Screenings
  2. Ari at The Classic Movie Muse
  3. Gabriela at Pale Writer
  4. Paul S at Return to the 80s
  5. Paul at  Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies

and anyone else who wants to continue the tag…


And as I said last time,  don’t forget to send us your link so you can tell us who your hotties are…!  Finally, here’s my natty picture to accompany your tag post, as designed by wee me…




And click HERE to read about Cat’s lovely lot (and they are definitely that) and now looking forward to who you lovely lot like too… And click on those Blue Links to find out more about those characters and their movies.




16 thoughts on “LISTS… The Flaming Hot… Five Reasons Why Tag

    • I prefer it to his own accent! I heard they are doing another series… but I really do love their cop culture references, Looking forward to your characters lists, you can do one for each of your leading ladies if you want.


  1. Oooo…I have lots of thoughts:

    • Gideon:
    – I have yet to see All That Jazz, but absolutely should – especially since I feel I know a little about its context and history from FX’s Fosse miniseries. (The series itself was so INTENSE, maybe I’ve been avoiding the movie.)

    I love twinkly eyes, too! ❤
    Alan Alda is one of my favorites, but I CANNOT imagine him playing a Bob Fosse type! Beatty, MAYBE…but from your description, I’m sure Roy is better. 🙂

    • Gene Hunt (totally new to me!):

    I appreciate a guy who looks good in a tux and trenchcoat!
    “before Caine got Shouty” – ha! Michael Caine is another favorite of mine, but you are so right!

    I have never heard of Gene Hunt / Phillip Glenister or Helmut Berger.

    • Dorian:

    I also love a guy with a good voice/accent. (You and I have very similar tastes!)

    • John Seaton:

    I have NEVER seen Christopher Plummer play a nice guy. I didn’t realize it was possible. 😉

    • Stu:

    Ahhh…You saved the best for last and hit on one of my TOP favorites here! I love Pierce Brosnan in anything (including Mrs. Doubtfire). My heart does flip-flops at the very sight of him or the mere mention of his name! ❤ Yes, yes, YES on this one! 🙂

    This was so fun. ❤ Thanks again for creating/hosting this tag!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, oops. 😮 Yes, of course, I have seen The Sound of Music. I can’t believe I forgot about it – ha! Although, maybe it doesn’t really count as a “100% nice guy from start to finish” portrayal in my mind, since he starts out so stern and has to thaw. But yes, touché. 😉

      I’m pretty sure you sent me that post via Twitter. (I haven’t looked in-depth yet today, but I think I saw the notification.) If so, thanks! I look forward to enjoying it soon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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