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Another of those darn tagging posts from the girls who brought you the 2 Reel Quirky Cats…


Here are some actors who really float my boat with a wee tagging twist!



So in another of our offbeat moments, my kindred (blogging) spirit Cat from Thoughts All Sorts and I – aka the 2 Reel Quirky Cats – decided to do a joint tagging post on our favourite topic… hotties.  As we decided to tell – or confess – our deepest longings for those actors from film and tv, from now and yesterday. And tag some lovely bloggers to do the same with whoever takes their fancy, and hopefully continue this tagging thread worldwide… so here’s my post, the rules and that always cool picture to accompany this post…


The rules (which you who are tagged can cut and paste)…

  1. You must add the name of the blog that tagged you AND those of the 2 Reel Quirky Cats, Thoughts All Sorts and Realweegiemidget Reviews with links to these sites as given here.. and use the natty picture promoting this post (found later in this post).
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2. List 5 of your all-time greatest hotties from TV or Film. ie crushes/objects of your affection.

3. Say how you were introduced to them, and why you like them (keep it clean)

4. Link to 7 other bloggers.

5. Add lovely pictures of those you selected.

6. Oh…and post the rules.  


And onto my hotties…


Gig Young

Discovered him in Young at Heart  (1959) with Doris Day. It was on seeing this film in the late seventies or early eighties that I liked him. I loved him as Alex Burke in this film and really couldn’t understand why Doris left him for Sinatra’s surly character.

Young was every bit the chiselled matinée gentleman like my other crushes of his generation. With Rock Hudson and Cary Grant being the other two. Was super devastated to hear of Young being so much older after seeing this film so much later than its cinema release. Then was saddened more recently by hearing he’d tragically passed away around that time.

His appearance did however lead to a plethora of what I thought (at that time) as Gig Young lookalike crushes see younger Robert Vaughn, Larry Hagman and so on.. or that’s probably just me needing an eye test.


Michael Caine

Just recently a few men have got my attention in their much younger roles. This man is one of them. Along with a younger Christopher Plummer (in International Velvet (1978) particularly) and Jack Nicholson (in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975).

Caine became a recent crush after seeing him a trailer for Zee and Co. (1972). There is something about a 70s Michael Caine that’s quite lovely. Especially in this trailer (see my post HERE) with his natty, almost Austin Powers inspired clothes.

This combined with his lovable cheeky chappie Cockney accent of the Jason Statham but with volume kind, he’s quite the Englishman. But I didn’t see him as wildly attractive with his uniform in Zulu (1964) or with the beardy weirdy look in Educating Rita (1983). But I may have to check him out again in The Swarm (1978) with the natty Seventies safari suit.. to see if this a one-off moment or a seventies crush that should have been.


Chris Hemsworth

A blond-haired lovely that makes marvel lovely and I could say puts the Marvel in marvellous. And I know that I’ve used that pun way too often. But you get the picture, Hemsworth discovered in Thor (2011) as missed his Neighbours (2002) and Home and Away (2004-07) appearances. Or had been too besotted with Neighbours Dr Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) to notice.

Thor was the first of the Superhero movies I loved, admittedly after feeling it would be yet another yawnable by the numbers superhero film. And I also adored him in Rush (2002) – despite me not enjoying the sport – and I’ve been told he’s good in the Ghostbusters (2016) film reboot. But out of loyalty to Murray et al I’ll pass, even after Hemsworth proved himself as a fab comic in the awful Vacation (2015).

So looking forward to seeing more of him in Thor 3: Ragnarok (2017) with Jeff Goldblum – who never disappoints me – but that accompanying haircut not so much…but I’m sure it will grow on me.


Jon Hamm

There is something about this man in a suit that’s kind of endearing in a 1960s chiselled matinee idol sort of way, in fact in an Archer (2009-) kind of way. This a role which he should hopefully play if the powers that be did a live action of this cartoon (along with Karen Gillan as Charlene (the redhead) and Lauren Bacall in hologram (from her Murder on the Orient Express days in 1974 as Mallory).

“Met” him in Mad Men (2007-15), but now could only really see him as the partner of January Jones – as screen wife Betty – as they looked photogenically lovely together. Despite the fact, he was a bit of a cad and a bounder in the show. But this pair should only do films and TV set in the Mad Men era and together. This meant I found he looked kind of out-of-place as a more modern-day bloke in Bridesmaids (2011) and Friends with Kids (2011). Although he did pull a punch, and I was a sucker for him in…  Sucker Punch (2011).


Matthew Rhys

This after seeing his big brown, soulful looking. puppy dog eyes and on and off angst regarding his work as a Russian spy, masquerading as an American. I must admit he kinda got more endearing as the seasons progressed in The Americans  (2013-). I hadn’t spotted him as a potential cutie before this series.

I discovered him only recently after I finally finished the Mad Men series and I guess needed someone to fill the void with. Also, I like him only as Philip not as any of his alter egos including Clark in this show. It’s definitely a case of without the wig is better. So will have to check him out in some other roles, all in the name of reviewing for this blog.

  and last but by no means least… a wee sneaky sixth.  


Leonardo DiCaprio

Where do I begin?  I first met him in Titanic (1997) but he didn’t appeal to me as he was far too waify then… but then noticed him as the hunk he is in Shutter Island, (2010), where he looked kinda vulnerable, so much so I believed in him..

Also absolutely adored him in Gatsby (2013). Which was not only a crush on him but on his character Jay Gatsby, and so really, really didn’t like Daisy Buchanan that much. But due to how the film’s events played out, not as his love interest. He looked good in beige (and suiting it), in a tuxedo (and was definitely not waify)… he really was lovely. He may have been a total cad in Django Unchained (2012) but despite this evil character – and the goatie, he’ll always be lovely Leo to me… as long as he stays away from the man bun and beardy weirdy look for good.


And now tagging these great bloggers…

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And don’t forget to send us your link so you can tell us who your hotties are…!


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45 thoughts on “FILMS and TV… Five Flaming Hotties… tagging to find out yours…

  1. Hehe – I’m so glad you both stuck in “extras” as I might find restricting myself to five nearly impossible! Again, because I’m so out of touch with modern film and TV, some of yours are new to me, but Leo of course is a sweetiepie and I do remember the days when Michael Caine was gorgeous – those twinkling eyes and the general cheekiness, I think. Chris Hemsworth looks nice… I might have to get to know him better… 😉

    • You’ve got great taste – Leo was pereect as Gatsby.. and lucky you getting Caine in his earlier days, my first momories of him were in those great 80s films of his – Surrender, The Hand etc – then discovered him in the Swarm on the telly. He does some great films, still to read his autobiographies.

  2. Smoking hot dudes, one and all! So happy to find someone else who loves Matthew Rhys 🙂 he is very sexy and I love him in The Americans. Young Michael Caine was one good looking guy.

  3. Gig Young. Ugh. I haven’t seen him in enough stuff to have an opinion on him beyond thinking he was truly creepy and heartbreaking in the TV movie he did with Lee Grant, The Neon Ceiling. In fact, if I did a post like this, Lee Grant might be one of my five. Tough decisions to make to whittle it down to five, though! You’ve inspired me, maybe I’ll try and come up with something.

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