Blogathons Joined 2018


A List of All the Blogathons I’ve added review links to in the last half of 2018, with a link to the blogger’s page…


These are Blogathons that I’m joining in 2018 along with the blog sites that ran them and my review choice. 


Blogathons coming soon are also listed.


No 1 For Love Letters to Old Hollywood Clark Gable Blogathon  I’m reviewing him in Teachers Pet (1958).


No 2  In the O’  Canada Blogathon run by Silver Screenings and Speakeasy I’m adding a post reviewing my reactions to three movies with Ryan Gosling… namely La La Land, Crazy, Stupid Love and The Notebook.


No 3 in the Classic TV Blog Association’s Classic TV Villain‘s blogathon I’ll be writing about Katherine Wentworth (Morgan Brittany) in Dallas (1978-91).


No 4 For In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood‘s Elizabeth Taylor Blogathon I’m adding a post on X, Y and Zee (1972).


No 5 For Cinemaven‘s Free For All Blogathon I’m writing about Sleuth (1972).


No 6 I’m adding an in depth review of Somewhere in Time (1980) in Silver Screenings and Wide Screen’s Time Travel Blogathon.


No 7 In Shroud of Thoughts Favourite TV Episode Blogathon I’m reviewing the Star Trek Episode, The City on the Edge of Forever.


No 8 In Coffee, Classics and CrazinessThe Good Cop Bad Cop Blogathon I’m gittering about Gene Hunt from the British TV Series Life on Mars (2008) and Ashes to Ashes (2008-10) as played by Philip Glenister.


No 9 My post will be on Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012) for Movie Movie Blog Blog and The Midnite Drive In’s End of the World Blogathon.